How Not To Invite Someone To Easter [Video]

My church put together this humorous video to demonstrate how not to invite someone to an Easter service. I know that this is a fairly common theme, but the video made me giggle so I decided to share. I think the third vignette is especially funny/creepy.

Of course the point of the video is to encourage us to invite people to church on Easter. But it shouldn’t be some kind of awkward intrusive experience. When you ask someone to church, be yourself. Be natural. Invite them out of your friendship instead of out of your guilt.

Of course, if you happen to be a six-foot bunny, then maybe being natural won’t help.

3 thoughts on “How Not To Invite Someone To Easter [Video]

  1. Oh, indeed! I always feel like when someone tries inviting me to a church related function that they are nervous and almost feel they need make an excuse for me to go. Then I wonder, if they are nervous about going to the church, should I even go? Are we talking human sacrifice here? People–relax.

      1. Very true. I have always been a people person, but I suppose the more shy and inadequate one feels socially the less they feel comfortable approaching others about such topics.

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