My Review of Deeply Odd by Dean Koontz

Over at First Things I just posted my review of Dean Koontz’s latest novel, Deeply Odd.

Though they are thrillers, the books are also funny, and Koontz’s political commentary is especially witty. But they are worth reading because they have a fabulous hero. The series chronicles the adventures of Odd Thomas, a simple fry cook with a special gift. Odd sees dead people, and he uses this gift to solve crimes and right wrongs.

Odd is an entirely likeable character. Though he’s just a simple fry cook (who happens to see dead people), Odd is a classic hero. He’s faithful, brave, dutiful, and just about every other heroic trait you can think of. Most importantly he’s humble. Odd knows that he must step in and right wrongs, but he never feels in charge, and he always feels inadequate.

The Odd Thomas books aren’t perfect, but I think they’re lots of fun and worth a look. You can read the rest of the review here.

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