The Hobbit: The Desolation of Peter Jackson

Warner Brothers just released its first trailer for the second The Hobbit movie. I think this trailer gives us some important information about the movie. At the 50 second mark, Radagast shouts at Gandalf, “What if it’s a trap?” Gandalf replies, “It’s undoubtedly a trap.” Yeah, this movie’s definitely going to be a trap. It’ll have all the trappings of an adventure movie, but Peter Jackson will have destroyed the story and left us with bloated ridiculousness.

I think this movie’s going to be a groaner. Here are my impressions from the trailer.

1. Why on earth aren’t the dwarves sealed in their barrels? I suppose Jackson is trying to make their escape more exciting. He’s also made it stupid. Dwarves in unsealed barrels in a river like that would just sink and drown. They wouldn’t bob along. Just because it’s Middle Earth doesn’t mean that you get to throw away the laws that govern the universe.

2. Legolas! I suppose a cameo might have been cool, but for heavens sake did Jackson have to write dialogue for him? And who is this wise elf-lass played by Evangeline Lilly? IMDb lists her as Tauriel. Here and now I make a solemn vow not to care about this Jacksonian addition. May she be carried off by goblins.

3. It looks like we’ll have to endure more chase scenes over silly fantastically long and complicated bridges. Dear Peter, you’ve done that before. You can stop now.

4. At least Peter Jackson gives equal opportunity. The trailer seems to indicate that every main character will get the chance to attack an enemy by dropping down on him from an extreme height. Seeing that happen over and over again is going to be so awesome.

Sure, I’m going to go see this second installment, but like Gandalf I’m going in with my sword drawn. I won’t be caught off guard by the gold-greedy dragon that Peter Jackson has become.

12 thoughts on “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Peter Jackson

      1. Yes, because if this movie is anything like another blockbuster with a lion in it… I’ll be seeing red.

  1. I felt the same way after watching the trailer. I too have made the same vow concerning “Tauriel”

  2. Our 10 year olds first comment when seeing the trailer was something along the lines of, ‘The barrels are supposed to have lids on them. They would just get water in them if there weren’t lids on them.’

  3. I have flipped back and forth concerning books and their related (or not so related) movies. At times I want to vehemently criticize the movie for every deviation from the book. I unfortunately got too carried away with the Hunger Games, that the movie was extremely disappointing. I think that the best thing to do with Peter Jackson and his retelling of the story is to simply enjoy it, as we might enjoy ancient creation and flood stories that echo the biblical accounts. To continue to point out where Jackson errs over and over again tends to ruin our movie watching experience. If we simply acknowledge that it just won’t be the same, then I think we can enjoy the movie much more. Think of it as those movies that are “based on real life events.” Sure, the movie is similar to those events, but there are additions as well.

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