The Civil Wars’s Civil War

barton hollow

I love The Civil Wars. If it was possible to wear out a digital copy of an album, I would have worn out Barton Hollow. I liked the Facebook page. I followed the duo, Joy Williams and John Paul White, on twitter. I managed to convince my wife to take me to their concert. It’s rare for me to invest so much in a band. Now that I’ve written this, I realize that I must sound like a preteen girl. I don’t care.

Because of my emotional investment, I was devastated when they cancelled their summer tour, citing irreconcilable differences. Was I only going to get this one perfect album? It turns out that I’m going to get at least one more. I’ve been counting down the days to the August 6th release of their self-titled second album.

Along with the excitement, I have a certain amount of dread. The band never released any statements concerning those irreconcilable differences of ambition. Are they together? Are they going to tour again?

An AP article shed a little light on the subject this week. I’m not the only one who doesn’t know what’s going on. John Paul and Joy don’t seem to know how things stand either. In the interview, Joy shared the following:

“John Paul and I aren’t speaking right now but to me that doesn’t determine the outcome of the band because if we’re not speaking we can’t determine the outcome of the band at this moment,” she says. “So the other elephant in the room is what’s happening with the band? The reality is I’m not even quite sure.”

Well, I suppose that should make me feel better. At least they haven’t been keeping anything from me.

So, I’ll just continue to wait. If this is it, then I’ll be thankful that I got one last album. If they go on tour again, I’ll be sure to buy my tickets. It’ll probably be the last time.

2 thoughts on “The Civil Wars’s Civil War

  1. I just pre-ordered the album yesterday. The song you get with it “One That Got Away” is quite powerful. If I am to take this as an indicator for the rest of the album, it’s gonna be a good one.

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