Derek Webb Admits He Was Wrong

Today Derek Webb released the first video off his upcoming album, I Was Wrong, I’m Sorry, & I Love You.

This song looks back over his ten-year solo career, and fans will enjoy hearing Derek’s thoughts on his earlier work. The song takes a confessional turn, containing transparent lines about how he’s learned to sell his fears “just to pick your pockets dry.” In spite of the song’s confessional nature, the video approaches the subject in a light-hearted and fun manner.

My favorite bit of confession: “I have misled you. I have misread you. I’ve cared too much and not enough in the same breath.” I can see how Derek might be singing this to his long-time fans. He’s often taken the role of an angry prophet, saying some controversial things. But really I we could all speak this word of confession. This song is about all of us and all of our relationships. Relationships are messy. How often have I harmed someone who I loved because I did or said “what was best for them”?

Derek Webb’s music has evolved over the last ten years. With this confessional song, I think we can expect that his upcoming album will exhibit even greater sensitivity and maturity.

I’d love for fans of Derek’s music to leave a comment telling me what you think of the new song.

4 responses to “Derek Webb Admits He Was Wrong”

  1. What exactly is he saying he was wrong about? There are some things I think he was wrong about, but those might be the things he thinks he was right about. And the stuff I think he was right about might be the stuff he thinks he was wrong about. Not very satisfying. Catchy tune, though. I wish Derek wouldn’t take himself so seriously and would write God-honoring, Bible saturated cool songs.

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