President Obama Tight-Lipped about the Dreams of his Childhood

Reflection and Choice

potus_kindle_singlesLast week I read the David Blum’s interview of President Obama for Amazon’s Kindle Singles. The interview was interesting, and it provided some insight into the president’s goals for the remainder of his term. He talked about the American dream. He talked about jobs. He talked about how Americans need to realize that we accomplish more together, i.e. through government, than we do as individuals. The interview gave me the impression that the president is a sincere man, who believes that things will change for the better if he can get the message out.

Obama talked about many things, but he avoided saying much about himself, and in the introduction, Blum notes that the president was reticent to speak about his own life. At a number of points in the interview, Blum attempts to steer the conversation towards more personal matters. He asks about Obama’s upbringing, his family, and his…

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