One thought on “At First Things: my thoughts on Derek Webb’s new album

  1. I recently saw Derek Webb in concert here in Houston, down the road from my house, in fact.
    So many people think of Derek Webb as a finger-pointing, controversy-causing critic of the church. Seems to me he’s just an honest guy. I love his disclosure “I and my fellow ‘Christian’ musicians in Nashville are just as likely to let you down as any other musician.” (Pontificating on his view that music can’t be “Christian.”)
    I see Derek Webb as a musician who expects his listeners to think and discern for themselves. He has my respect for that. We can agree to disagree on any matter, because, well, honestly- he isn’t God. I wish more Christians would stop drawing the line between secular and Christian and simply seek God where He may be found.
    Thanks so much for the review. It was well done!

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