Planned Parenthood’s Self-Acknowledged War on the Unborn

A new Planned Parenthood video came out today. These doctors know exactly what they’re doing. They know they’re selling a product. The doctor featured in this video explains how her legal team works hard to make what they’re doing sound like something else. But in a closed meeting, these people admits that they’re selling a product.

Baby about the same age as the baby in the video.

They also know that product is dead babies. Towards the end of the video, the doctor looks at her “samples” and says, “It’s a baby.” Later she says, “Oh! Another boy!”

She also says that maybe they could get some samples that aren’t so “war-torn”—her words. She’ll claim that she was just joking about the war-torn body. But the truth has a way of making its way out. She knows that she’s in a war. I’m sure that she thinks she’s fighting on the side of the angels. She thinks she’s fighting for women.

She’s deceived. Even as she claims to fight for women, she slaughters baby girls every day. In the video, we see her delighting over the crushed and scattered body of a baby boy. She’s fighting on the side of evil. Look away if you can’t stomach the war, but don’t fool yourself into thinking that this isn’t a war or that Planned Parenthood fights for justice.

it’s a war on the unborn. It’s a war on America’s most vulnerable residents. It’s a war on people who can’t defend themselves.

It’s a war, and these doctors know exactly what they’re doing.

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