Most Popular Posts of 2015

I didn’t have my most prolific year of writing, but I figured I’d end 2015 with a retrospective blog post anyway. This way I can finish up my year without having to think of something new to say.

Here is a list of my most popular blog posts from 2015.

1. “Talking Sensibly about Hitler. Thanks, Planned Parenthood!”Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 5.00.59 PM

I was surprised at how much traction this bit of satire got. Many people appreciated the piece, but some people complained that comparisons to the Nazis were off limits. I find that particular complaint a bit small minded. It’s like the Nazis have become an anti-sacred cow. Also satire’s got its own rules.

2. “My Year of Grading in 25 GIFs”giphy (4)

Many readers seemed to find the pain that I experienced grading freshman Western Civ exams funny. Through my tears I can bring laughter to others.

3. “The Avengers’ ‘I AM’: a Vision of Jesus?”vision-avengers-2-age-of-ultron-paul-bettany-image-poster-wallpaper

This post has been a bit surprise. A number of people read it when I first published it, but it didn’t go viral or anything. Instead, this post is on the list because people seem to be constantly Googling “Avengers I am” or “Vision in Avengers says I am.” It’s a weird little scene that seems to mean something, so people look for an interpretation. I hope they find mine convincing.

Other popular posts:

I also managed to write a few pieces elsewhere that were fairly well received. Back in February I wrote “A Theology of Martyrdom” for First Things. In October, “Halloween: a Distinctively Christian Holiday” posted at Reformation 21 caused a bit of a stir. And in November, too many people took my relatively unserious piece for The Federalist, “Star Wars Has No Good Guys,” too seriously.