Review of “Risen”


Reformation21 has my review of Risen, the Joseph Fiennes movie about a Roman soldier trying to find out the truth behind the disappearance of Jesus’ body. The movie is very strong compared to most faith-based films, but it does have its weaknesses.

Risen isn’t so much a story about the resurrection as it is about our reactions to the resurrection. The various Romans in the story represent different responses that unbelievers have when confronted with the empty tomb. Pilate needs for the resurrection to be a hoax in order to maintain the status quo; anything else is unacceptable. The tomb’s guards don’t have the ability to process what they’ve seen so they try to suppress the knowledge of the truth. Clavius represents the agnostic who is compelled to look at the evidence and follow it wherever it leads. Then we have the disciples who live in the joy of the knowledge that Jesus lives.

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