I am the senior film and television reviewer for WORLD Magazine, and I’m also an associate professor at Houston Baptist University. This site is the place where I collect some of my thoughts and some of the things I’ve written elsewhere.

You’ll find I’m a bit of a contrarian. In temperament, I’m a joyful pessimist. Politically I’m an ambivalent monarchist. Culturally, I’m a bookish philistine. Religiously, I’m an Augustinian Baptist.

I grew up in Louisiana, where the best food in the world can be found (although Thailand ranks a close second). I met my wife in college, we’ve been married for 20 years, and we have four children. Though we now live in Houston, we still consider ourselves Louisianans. Living in Texas is a lot like being in captivity in Egypt—there’s work to do and the government is rich. Though we’re living in exile, we make frequent trips across the Sabine River, our River Jordan, to the promised land, a land flowing with gumbo and boudin.