I’m the arts and culture editor for WORLD Magazine where I write book, film, and television reviews.

Before moving to WORLD, I spent about 15 years in higher education, teaching classes in ancient history and western civilization at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. My history PhD focuses on the late Roman Empire, but I also have a master’s degree in theological studies.

In 2012, I started writing movie reviews because I wanted to examine the presuppositions behind the movies my children were watching. I was somewhat surprised to discover the reading public cared more about my opinions on movies than my opinions on the Greco-Roman world or church-state relations. 

I’m a bit of a contrarian. Temperamentally, I’m a gloomy optimist. Politically, I’m an ambivalent monarchist. Culturally, I’m a bookish philistine. Religiously, I’m an Augustinian Baptist.

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